Tour Dates

October 3rd - St. Catherines (Workshop/Market Square)
November 17th - Glasgow (Hamilton Townhouse)
November 21th - Liverpool (Sefton Palm House)

What is the Book of Judith?

The Book of Judith, created by Michael Rubenfeld and Sarah Garton Stanley, is a musical play about a self-annointed preacher man who is passionately driven to change the lives of others. After a chance meeting with a quadriplegic woman named Judith Snow, theatre artist Matthew Goldberg believes he has “seen the light”. With the help of his director, Shauna Coupland, and her best friend, disabled artist, Pippa McLaren, Matthew has managed to coral a fully integrated group of choristers with and without disability, to help him tell, for the first time, his inspirational, maniacal and deeply suspect tale of Judith Snow. The Book of Judith takes us from innocence to ignorance and through to the other side – a truer place of transformation.

The Book of Judith stars Michael Rubenfeld and features Sarah Garton Stanley, Judith Snow and a revolving cast comprised of local members of the community the work is performed in. It is directed by Sarah Garton Stanley.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

An Artist Contemplates.

I had to share two piece of amazing-ness. The first is that we have a new member on a team named NICK CARPENTER. Nick is coming in town from MONTREAL to be our musical director. WOOP WOOP WOOPEE!!!!!! Nick is someone I worked with way back when I was in theatre school, and he also does work with Sarah and he is just generally, um, A GENIUS. So, one more genius added the our list.

Here is a PIC of Andrew and Nick at their first ever meeting in the world. They are going to be working together to help translate the BRILLIANT music for the BRILLIANT CHOIR.

Also. Here is an email I got from one of our choir members, Irena Kagansky. She has a copy of the play that I gave her to listen to. This was her unbelievable response:


I could not help writing to you.

To come at the 'songs' for The Book of Judith from a level of
inexperience is eye-openning. This play tells the story
of what so many of us have felt, seen and heard;
and now others can hear it come to life!

I really have no words Michael...because this is beyond words...I want
to sing it, say it...right along with you...;0)
How different in context is the upcoming version of The Book of Judith going to be?

I am listening to the play now, and I can't help crying!
This project is so amazing, that, I am that much more honored to be a part of it!!
I am excited and moved to the core. Furthermore, as a writer, artist and theatre lover
I understand the tremendous value of the words, art and thought of this play.



PRETTY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this is Michael again)

And, I leave you off, just for fun, of my new favourite picture of me and Sarah.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Ladies and Gentleman, behold the official poster for THE BOOK OF JUDITH

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Perfect Play


That's right. Today was our second choir rehearsal, and, as promised, here are some PHOTOS. WHAT? DID YOU THINK I WAS JOKING PEOPLE? WE HAVE A CHOIR!!!!!!

Here is ANDREW working with the Crusaders!

Sarah in the background, looking pensive and smart like always. Kimwun and Gwen focussing hard on the amazing music!

Erin (Andrew's wife. sorry ladies) in the back, with Wanda and Irena looking on.

Jeff and Kazume having a bit too much fun. COME ON GUYS, STAY FOCUSSED! (ha ha)

From Left to Right: Frank, Caleb, Jeff, Kazume, Erin, Wanda, Irena, Gwen's arms and legs, Kimwun' forearms. There were ten of us in total.

I took this "video" today of me singing during choir rehearsal. The video didn't work out, but the song did. Press play to hear a short clip of me singing THE PERFECT PLAY written by the perfect composer, Andrew Penner.

And, if you want to now WATCH me singing this, click below!

Overall, today was a very special day. Everyone is very excited. The night was capped off with Sarah and I going to SONIC BOOM to hear Andrew and his band, The Sunparlour Players, blow the socks off a room full of hipsters (and me and Sarah. but we are hip too, okay?!!!)

Poster coming SOON. Rehearsals starting SOON. Everything starting SOON. OH MY.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Theatre Centre and CHOIR Rehearsal

This is me entering the Theatre Centre Party (thanks Becky Johnson for this fun pic!)

Some of you may have seen me at the Theatre Centre Party doing a small little bit from the play. It was only a short little piece, and although I was SUPER nervous, I think it ended up going fairly well, and people felt excited to hear more. I sang a short excerpt from one of the wonderful songs by Andrew.


It is a real honour to be the next big show for The Theatre Centre.



I wanted to take some video, and maybe I will, but I don't want to freak anybody out! I will DEFINITELY try to take some photos though so I can post them on here. I couldn't stay for the entire last rehearsal but from what I heard it was AMAZING! We had about 9 people there who are going to be singing in the choir, and MORE ARE COMING! Its been such a fantastic response. People are SUPER EXCITED to be in the choir, and everyone loves the music.


And one last thing. I thought this was hilarious. A few years ago I was in a Bruce Willis movie called LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN and I found this picture online when I was googling myself. Hilarious, don't you think?



Friday, April 3, 2009


Well la dee da da da!

Today was a very exciting day. After a brief hiatus that took Andrew Penner to the recording studio to record the new Sunparlour Players Album, Sarah Stanley to Montreal to direct The AGE OF AROUSAL (great title) by Linda Griffiths, and me to focus on the SummerWorks Festival scripts and line-up, we have RE-CONVENED.

Today we sat in my living-room and we watch the recording of the reading that we did way-a-back-a-when, and it is still every bit as wonderful as we remembered it. The music is unbelievable, the play is fantastic, and for just a reading, I think I am doing a pretty bang-up job!

All plans are in place. We have a tent on hold that is going to be pitched on the FRONT LAWN AT CAMH (right next to the WORKMAN THEATRE). You'll see it going up on Sunday, May 10th. Can you believe it? I can't.

And once its up, we'll be in there, preparing the play.

More great updates to come. Sarah and I are meeting next week to do a bit more workshop and start putting this sucker up on its feet. Andrew is going back to work on filling out some of the music--and soon we start assembling the choir.