Tour Dates

October 3rd - St. Catherines (Workshop/Market Square)
November 17th - Glasgow (Hamilton Townhouse)
November 21th - Liverpool (Sefton Palm House)

What is the Book of Judith?

The Book of Judith, created by Michael Rubenfeld and Sarah Garton Stanley, is a musical play about a self-annointed preacher man who is passionately driven to change the lives of others. After a chance meeting with a quadriplegic woman named Judith Snow, theatre artist Matthew Goldberg believes he has “seen the light”. With the help of his director, Shauna Coupland, and her best friend, disabled artist, Pippa McLaren, Matthew has managed to coral a fully integrated group of choristers with and without disability, to help him tell, for the first time, his inspirational, maniacal and deeply suspect tale of Judith Snow. The Book of Judith takes us from innocence to ignorance and through to the other side – a truer place of transformation.

The Book of Judith stars Michael Rubenfeld and features Sarah Garton Stanley, Judith Snow and a revolving cast comprised of local members of the community the work is performed in. It is directed by Sarah Garton Stanley.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Did someone say VIDEO CLIP PLEASE?!?!?!

Yesterday I promised you a bit of video.

Today I have come through.

Please enjoy this very rough (but great!) video of a tiny section of the play. The singing will all be backed up by my 16 person choir and sound amazing.

But here's a taste .............. !

In the clip, I am talking about our original production of Suck and Blow that we performed at the Rhubarb! Festival and the kind of response we got from the play.



  1. I don't know man, that video is really silly, and self-serving. Are you really that excited about self-promotion in a monotone?? It's like you're trying to be a parody of annoying theatre people who spend a LOT of energy being self-excited to the point of masturbatory excess.