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October 3rd - St. Catherines (Workshop/Market Square)
November 17th - Glasgow (Hamilton Townhouse)
November 21th - Liverpool (Sefton Palm House)

What is the Book of Judith?

The Book of Judith, created by Michael Rubenfeld and Sarah Garton Stanley, is a musical play about a self-annointed preacher man who is passionately driven to change the lives of others. After a chance meeting with a quadriplegic woman named Judith Snow, theatre artist Matthew Goldberg believes he has “seen the light”. With the help of his director, Shauna Coupland, and her best friend, disabled artist, Pippa McLaren, Matthew has managed to coral a fully integrated group of choristers with and without disability, to help him tell, for the first time, his inspirational, maniacal and deeply suspect tale of Judith Snow. The Book of Judith takes us from innocence to ignorance and through to the other side – a truer place of transformation.

The Book of Judith stars Michael Rubenfeld and features Sarah Garton Stanley, Judith Snow and a revolving cast comprised of local members of the community the work is performed in. It is directed by Sarah Garton Stanley.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Today (yesterday now) was another fantastic day. We have decided that I am going to be mic'd for the entire show, which was a great decision, because THAT TENT CAN GET LOUD!!

Andrea Lundy (Production Manager/TENT GODDESS) had the lights working, and its really starting to feel magical in there.

Once the choir got in last night and the music started and the lights turned on, the grin on my face was having a hard time leaving. It felt amazing in that room last night.

The night ended with me doing a reading for the entire Choir. It was the largest amount of people that I've done the show for so far. Wow. Again, I am speechless. It was a really beautiful night. Frank and Kazumi both talked about how emotional it made them, and Liana (aka: Guitar Babe) said that she thought it was a very opportune time for this play to be happening, and that she's going to be inviting some people that she think can really learn a thing or two from the play (Thanks Liana!)

This is Liana and her dog, who just happens to be the BEST DOG IN THE WORLD.

Here is a picture of BETH KATES, or brilliant costume desiginer. Beth is making sure that we all look AMAZING, right BETH? (WINK WINK WINK)


And here is a picture of THE AMAZING CAM.

Cam is our TECH GOD who will be with us for the run of the show. This is our view of CAM from the stage in the tent. HEY CAM!? OVER HERE CAM! THE SHOW IS OVER HERE CAM!

OH well.

I'll post a better picture of CAM. Maybe even a video.

The video situation today is a bit so so, but I did manage to get a bit of Alex meeting Irena on the stage for the first time, which was a nice moment. The batteries in my camera did though before being able to get some of the great sounds comin' outta the choir.

xo till later.


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