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What is the Book of Judith?

The Book of Judith, created by Michael Rubenfeld and Sarah Garton Stanley, is a musical play about a self-annointed preacher man who is passionately driven to change the lives of others. After a chance meeting with a quadriplegic woman named Judith Snow, theatre artist Matthew Goldberg believes he has “seen the light”. With the help of his director, Shauna Coupland, and her best friend, disabled artist, Pippa McLaren, Matthew has managed to coral a fully integrated group of choristers with and without disability, to help him tell, for the first time, his inspirational, maniacal and deeply suspect tale of Judith Snow. The Book of Judith takes us from innocence to ignorance and through to the other side – a truer place of transformation.

The Book of Judith stars Michael Rubenfeld and features Sarah Garton Stanley, Judith Snow and a revolving cast comprised of local members of the community the work is performed in. It is directed by Sarah Garton Stanley.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Performance Three: AKA: The Bummer Blog


Third performance. It was quite something. We showed up, and our set had been invaded by two large, ugly railings for our very modest ramp. An inspector from the city came by and decided that, in order to make our set "safe", they would have to put railings on the ramp. Insane. So now, the sightlines for the show have been compromised.

The response continues to be amazing. Tonight, also, there is going to be a piece on the show on THE NATIONAL on CBC. This is very exciting, and hopefully will help pick up audiences. Unfortunately, neither the Globe and Mail, nor The Toronto Star, have come to review the show, which has been a surprise and disapointment.

It is truly amazing to us to see that a show that is looking a questions of inclusion, is being entirely excluded by two major newspapers. The irony is actually pretty heart-breaking.

I guess this is a bit of a bummer blog.


On a lighter note, Ross Manson (Volcano Theatre) called the piece "Virtuosic" and Liana's (Choir Member) Dog got so excited last night on stage, that he ran right up to me during the show! It was amazing. We love ZENO!

A part of me is excited about how I can use the railings tonight. I did have fun smacking them around during the show.

Also, an audience member who was at the show last night blogged about it last night. This is what he said:

"This is a provocative and creative production that invites, or perhaps I should say forces, the audience to reflect on the role of disabled people in the world, and to overcome the tendency to de-subjectify people who have disabilities. No doubt my description makes it sound preachy -- texts, sermons, revival tent, overcoming and reflecting -- but I didn'r really feel preached at. The Book of Judith is an intelligent and challenging encounter with the very notion of disability."

Thanks Paul!

And here's a reminder of the AMAZING quote from Byron Laviolette from EYE Magazine.

"All shows need an audience to activate them, the The Book of Judith more so than most. It is a socially minded, soul-mending public spectacle of the stand-up-and-shout variety and, at the risk of sounding more of a cheerleader than critic, I encourage you to see this and to lend to its charming crusade your own energy. You never know: miracles happen every day."

Adios Amigos.


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