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October 3rd - St. Catherines (Workshop/Market Square)
November 17th - Glasgow (Hamilton Townhouse)
November 21th - Liverpool (Sefton Palm House)

What is the Book of Judith?

The Book of Judith, created by Michael Rubenfeld and Sarah Garton Stanley, is a musical play about a self-annointed preacher man who is passionately driven to change the lives of others. After a chance meeting with a quadriplegic woman named Judith Snow, theatre artist Matthew Goldberg believes he has “seen the light”. With the help of his director, Shauna Coupland, and her best friend, disabled artist, Pippa McLaren, Matthew has managed to coral a fully integrated group of choristers with and without disability, to help him tell, for the first time, his inspirational, maniacal and deeply suspect tale of Judith Snow. The Book of Judith takes us from innocence to ignorance and through to the other side – a truer place of transformation.

The Book of Judith stars Michael Rubenfeld and features Sarah Garton Stanley, Judith Snow and a revolving cast comprised of local members of the community the work is performed in. It is directed by Sarah Garton Stanley.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


We've been getting a TON OF TRAFFIC coming by the tent. Its amazing how comfortable the residents at CAMH feel just waltzing into the TENT. I've noticed that its one of the only places in Toronto where people will actually say hello to you, look you in the eye, and try to carry on a conversation.

Here is one of the various friends we made. Notice her fancy coat!

Today was a really long day, but another great day. We managed to work through half of the show with the choir, and today was really the first time we got a sense as to what the show is really going to feel like. WOW. I sometimes feel like I actually have to pinch myself a bit.

I'm going to take a moment now to introduce you to a few members of the choir.

KAZUMI (AKA: Zoomster)

Kazumi may possibly be the most joyous person I've ever met. His ability to love things (like our new fancy ramp) helps me love things that I didn't even realize I could love (like a ramp!). Kazumi is a tenor.

Frank and Mark

Frank is our resident trouble maker with a mean tenor voice. He is also, possibly, the heart of the choir, as he may be the most outwardly emotional person I've ever met! (and I say that with love). He also likes to show up an hour early for choir rehearsal so that he can nail the harmonies. Amazing devotion. (he also told me that he thinks that I'm cute, which I always a bonus from my perspective!)

Mark is, I would say, the coolest member of the choir. I don't know why I think that, but he just always seems to have everything under control because he's just THAT cool. When I first met Mark, I knew that I really wanted him in the choir. He is an amazingly sturdy energy that is a great glue for the tenors, and is as positive as he is cool. (I mean that with love too, Mark)

More to come! More to come!

I leave you with a couple of videos from some of our PERFECT production team.

This is Andrea (Lighting Designer/Production) and Cam (Tech God)!


ALSO! If you're planning on seeing the show, we could really use some audience early in the run. So if its all the same to you, we'd love you to come the first week.

Book your tickets at: 416.534.9261


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